Principal's Message

Wendy Tisch

Hello Lakeshore families, 

I come to you from the kitchen table, my makeshift office for the next few weeks.  At times it's difficult to wrap my head around what is happening, but I am focused on what good can come of this.  On Friday, our teachers sent home "Blizzard Bags" or "Corona Bags".  These activities are meant to help keep your child's mind active and in education mode.  As a mom, my children came home with them as well.  At times they work endlessly on their activities and at other times, they are being "slugs" quite frankly.  In my home I need to set a schedule for my children, and I urge you all to do the same, if you haven't already done so (really, it's the first day, I'm usually a day late on such things).  Routine is so important for our little ones.  They thrive on normalcy and predictability.  I will share some routines that are out there on the web, but they can be easily googled.  

As far as academics go, the blizzard bags are just a drop in the bucket of the learning that can be done at home while we are off.  You as the parents are their first and foremost educators and there are so many valuable and important real world lessons that can be learned and are fun at the same, plus, they can help you out.  As I sit here in the kitchen I can think of so many things.  For example, cooking, allowing children to help read recipes, measure, tackle both Language Arts and Math standards.  Sorting through the pantry teaches categorization and a great discussion on food groups and the difference between a perishable and non-perishable item. Having dinner together as a family teaches oral language and communication skills. I will also share many activities that can be done at home that teach valuable lessons, but are not worksheets and do not require digital devices. 

Lastly, if there is one thing I could ask for families to do above all other things:  play games.  Board/card games: Candyland, checkers, connect four, rummy, go fish, etc...  Outdoor games/activities: basketball, soccer, go for a hike/walk, etc...  Put down the devices for a few hours each day and be together.  Embrace and find joy in the small things. These activities not only teach academic skills, they teach social/emotional skills.  These children are little once and they want to do these things with you.  

I will be available via email everyday.  Your child's teacher will also be available.  On Tuesday, March 17th I will be updating our website with resources for families during this time. Please check our website,,  often for refreshes.  As we know more about the status of our schools, we will communicate with you. 

Stay well and healthy! 

-Wendy Tisch, Principal


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