In the Conneaut Schools Technology Department we take great pride in offering the highest level of technology across the district.  Support is given to all staff and students in an efficient and timely manner in house by all technology staff.

Below is a list of support services all offered in house to promote efficiency and learning in our district.
  • VMWare Virtualized Infrastructure (Servers and Desktops)
  • Internal Email Services
  • OS Supported Services: XP, Win7, Win10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Linux, ESXi, Android, and limited Apple OS.
  • All routing and switching to a localized network core along with all wireless networks. 10GB fiber links to all district educational buildings.
  • Software Supported Services : SQL, Open Source, Office Productivity Software Applications, Web Development, Programming, Mechanical Engineering and Design, Presentation Systems, Video Recording Systems, Media Production, Network Monitoring, Surveillance, Help Desk, Robotics, and much more.

Our Technology Team

Members of this team graciously donate their time to further the use and implementation of technology in our schools. The team also helps govern the use of P.I. levy monies to further technology in the district.

Lori Riley, Kris Mucci, Brian Chase, Jen Weagraff, Julie Williams, and Mandy Sanford

Central Technology Department


Policy & Procedure
Because of the level of technology we provide we have gone to great lengths to make sure that we provide the most comprehensive services possible to assist our staff and students. In order to accomplish our goals and sustain a productive network infrastructure we have implemented policies and procedures relating to technology. For further information on policy please contact our offices.
Technology Service
If you are having issues, please use a district provided Help Desk.  If you are experiencing a technology emergency please call ext: 260 and we will expedite your request..