Drug Free with Sunglasses

Red Ribbon Week October 25th - 29th

Monday, Oct. 25th 

CHS - Put a Cap on Drugs -Hat Day

CMS - Proud to be Drug Free-Wear Red

GES -  Put a Cap on Drugs -Hat Day

LPS -  Put a Cap on Drugs -Hat Day

Tuesday, Oct. 26th 

CHS - Red Out - Wear Red

CMS - Our Future is Bright-Neon or Sunglasses 

Wednesday, October 27th 

CHS - Zoom Past Drugs-Business on Top;Casual on Bottom

CMS -  Lei Off Drugs-Hawaiian Clothing or Leis

GES - Red Out - Wear Red

LPS - Red Out - Wear Red

Thursday, Oct. 28th 

CHS - Team Up Against Drugs-wear Team gear

CMS - Saying No to Drugs is no Sweat-sweatshirts/Sweatpants 

Friday, Oct. 30th 

ALL SCHOOLS : Say BOOOO to Drugs-Halloween Costumes