Lori Riley

It is an honor and privilege to begin my sixth year serving the Conneaut Area City Schools as your superintendent! I spent my first year getting to know everyone connected to the Conneaut Schools and community, while working to move the district on a path to excellence. We will continue to be good stewards of your tax dollars while providing our students with the quality education they deserve.

Our staff will be working on three major goals again this year. In academic achievement we will be working on a PK-12 district literacy plan as well.

There are many ways you can be involved in the Conneaut Area City Schools. We have parent groups, music and athletic boosters, and volunteer opportunities at all of our buildings. The district is part of the community so you don’t have to have children with us to be a volunteer. Please contact our building principals Stephanie Anservitz, Conneaut High School (593-7210), Jim Kennedy, Conneaut Middle School (593-7240), Dawn Zappitelli, Gateway Elementary School (593-7280), Carrie Brockway, Lakeshore Primary School (593-7250), and Athletic Administrator Joel Taylor (593-7220) to inquire about ways you can be involved in our school community. 

I hope this school year is one of excellence for Conneaut students and families. The past school year is behind us and together we can move forward to achieve student success. It takes hard work and dedication from school staff, the Board of Education, students, families and the community to provide a quality education. I believe that together we can rise above our challenges and set the Conneaut Area City Schools back on track to become an A+ School District!