VMWare Horizon Remote Desktop

All district staff and students have the ability to connect to your district PC remotely. Please review both options and select the one that is right for you.

  1. Use your Web Browser to load your Windows desktop. No additional software required. We suggest using the Google Chrome Web Browser.

  2. Download the VMWare Horizon Client for either your Windows or MacOS below.


Web Instructions

Difficulty: Very Easy

Web Client Note: This option will get you access to your remote desktop, but will not allow you to print to a remote printer, or use USB drives remotely. If you need this ability please look into the Software Client instructions below.

  1. To use this option, select the "Web Login" link below and then "VMware HTML Access" on the next page.

  2. Enter your school email address for your username, and your password to login.

Web Login


Software Client Instructions

Difficulty: Easy

Software Client Note: The client option will allow you to print to local printers to your remote system, as well as use external USB media such as USB drives.

Please make sure you have the latest published client installed on you system before starting any support requests.

(software links updated 9-20-21)

Once you have downloaded and installed one of the clients above to your system, please do the following below.

  1. Launch the VMWare Horizon Client software.

  2. Click on "+ New Server" in the top right of the App.

  3. When prompted for the name of the connection server, type in "desktop.cacsk12.org" please remove the " " as they are not needed.

  4. When done, click on the desktop.cacsk12.org Horizon icon that will be created, login with you username and password as you would within the district.

  5. Enter your email address with the schools for your username.

  6. When you see your different desktop options, click the three "..." in the tile and select "PCoIP"

  7. Click on your desktop to load.

If you have any questions, please email bchase@cacsk12.org.