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Technology Replacement Costs

Below are the district replacement costs for equipment/technology that have been lost, damaged, or destroyed. This applies to all staff and student district-assigned equipment.

Lost/Destroyed: Student Chrome Tablets 10e: $335.00

Lost/Destroyed: Student Chromebooks 100e: $275.00

Lost/Destroyed: Staff Chromebooks Touch 14e: $399.00

Lost/Destroyed: Staff Chromebooks Non-Touch 14e: $365.00

Damage/Lost: Protective Cases: $30.00

Damage/Lost: AC Adapter/Powercord – missing/damaged $30.00

Damage/Lost: MiFi Wireless AP $25.00

Damage General: Base - damaged $15.00

Damage General: Display Bezel – damaged $30.00

Damage General: Hard drive- failure due to misuse or being dropped. Chromebook has flash memory so the motherboard would likely need replacement for $100.00

Damage General: Keyboard - missing or broken keys $40.00

Damage General: Display Screen Chromebook - cracked, scratched, and/or damaged $40.00

Damage General: Display Screen Tablet 10e - cracked, scratched, and/or damaged $179.00

Damage General: Mainboard Tablet 10e $169.00

Damage General: Display Back Cover - damaged, cracked $25.00

Damage General: Display Hinge - damaged, $25.00

**Cleaning fees may be assessed for devices that have not been properly cared for, require sticker removal, or with infestations $25.00

** Students who have damaged or lost their power cords, and who have purchased new ones will not count towards the replacement of a district charger. Not all chargers are the same with varying voltages and/or build quality. Due to safety concerns personal chargers will not be taken in lieu of a district-provided charger.